Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Open Labs NeKo and MiKo at Sam Ash Hollywood

Open Labs instruments are the most powerful and elegant integration of keyboard, controllers and software available today. The NeKo LX and MiKo LX come standard with over 60 VST instruments and effects. The PC-based architecture and Windows OS allow users to purchase and install virtually any music or audio application or plug-in developed for PC.

Open Labs keyboards are the only instruments available today that can play native PC VSTs live, clone patches from any midi keyboard or module and offer an Ethernet internet connection for Open Labs online remote shadowing and diagnostics - right in your own studio.

Artists using Open Labs workstations include Jonathan Davis and Munky with Korn, Scott Spock with The Matrix, Jesse Carmichael with Maroon 5, Teddy Riley, Lil Jon, Sheila E. and film composer Richard Gibbs. Morris Hayes played the MiKo with Prince on Saturday Night Live and the NeKo during the Halftime Show of Super Bowl XLI in Miami earlier this year.

Check out the Open Labs NeKo LX and MiKo LX in the Recording Room at Sam Ash Music in Hollywood.

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