Saturday, September 29, 2007

Guitar Lessons Now Online from Sam Ash Music Institute

Learning how to play the guitar online just got easier thanks to Learn Music, an online guitar education company and music equipment giant Sam Ash. The Sam Ash Music Institute, located at, has just launched, offering students a chance of a lifetime to learn guitar online from the best.

Broken down into simple video tutorials, learning the guitar with is a breeze. The site offers users an abundance of preformatted video instruction guides for every possible guitar skill. Helping make the website a must join for any aspiring guitarist is the personalized touch offered by the site.
Visitors that sign up for guitar lessons with the Sam Ash Music Institute are provided a personalized video instruction menu that offers each individual the quickest and most efficient path to learning the guitar. New users will be prompted to enter relevant information about their guitar skills and aspirations, and then be provided with a customized video instruction set.

The website not only provides ground breaking high resolution video instruction for its members, it also has the best live support in the business. With instant live chat availability, students are able to connect with their guitar teachers quickly and effectively when questions arise.

Learn Music has been a trailblazer for online music instruction. The company has focused on pupil friendly lessons that get results and keep the student motivated as their core mission since 1999. Sam Ash Music is one of the nation’s largest music instrument retailers, offering world class experience and innovation in its field. The coming together of the two companies to create an educational website provides music students with something to be excited about.

“We have been providing online guitar instruction for over 8 years, and our passion is as strong now as it has ever been. Along with the explosion of the video game Guitar Hero there has been a massive interest spike and curiosity on what it would be like to play a real guitar. We are very excited to have partnered with Sam Ash Music to make this site the place to learn guitar online,” explains Learn Music founder and instructor Rick Napolitano.

Visitors to are provided with sample videos, a detailed list of services offered by the company and a free 3 day trial.

With full length streaming clinics, a personalized learning plan, industry leading live support and a MySpace style online community, the Sam Ash Music Institute is unquestionably the place to learn guitar online.

To sign up for the free 3 day trial,

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